"I’m passionate about all things creative. I believe that we all have our inner artists, all it takes is being aware of the world around us and seeing it from your own creative lens. From a slow walk along a beach to cooking a delicious meal — creativity doesn’t always have to look like paint on a canvas. It’s about artful living, slowing down and noticing the colors around you."

Artist, digital creator, founder of Colordrunk.

Meet Dory

From a young age, I was an artist at heart — obsessed with color, scribbling and doodling, exploring creativity endlessly.

My creative journey began while studying graphic design at Emily Carr University. While in school, I continued practicing art and took to Instagram to share my work. The first time my work went viral was in January 2020. I came up with the Pantone challenge — a daily art challenge where for a month, I painted on paint swatches and posted them everyday. The response I got in return was overwhelming.

Soon after the challenge ended and the world shut down due to Covid-19, I began looking for a way to channel my creativity into something bigger, to share my work and inspire others in the process. And so Colordrunk was born.

Colordrunk is a Canadian brand founded with the intention of inspiring creativity and color into our everyday lives. Our products are designed to reflect beauty from the world around us, all with the hopes to someday cultivate a culture of colorful living.

With everything I make, I hope it can bring a little more joy and color into your life!