30 Creative Affirmations You Can Use Daily

30 Creative Affirmations You Can Use Daily

We are what we think.

 If thoughts make up who we are, do we pay enough attention to what our running inner dialogue has to say? Research says that we are only conscious of 5% of the thoughts that pass through our heads everyday. Of that tiny percentage, I want to challenge you to notice how much of what we think is negative or putting ourselves down. And so while we can't control our subconscious mind, I believe that there is so much power in cultivating a positive mindset and learning to speak kindly to ourselves.
When it comes to creativity, all too often what gets in the way of our creative practice is not a lack talent or skill, but the fearful voice inside our heads. The inner critic is always first to judge and say things like "you're not a real artist" or "their work is better than mine". Affirmations are a tool we can use to reprogram our self-beliefs and shift our mindset towards a greater sense of positivity and empowerment.

How to use affirmations:

  1. Identify which affirmations resonate with you. What sticks out first is often an indication of our personal struggles are artists, and becoming aware of them is the first step in upleveling our creativity.
  2. Get into the habit of repeating affirmations — put up sticky notes around the house, set up phone reminders, write them in your daily journal, repeat them in your meditations. At the start of each day, I check in with myself and what things I'm wrestling with that day. I'll choose one affirmation to focus on and write down in my journal so it sticks with me all through the rest of the day.
Here are some affirmations for when you're...

Feeling burnt out

1. I exist in a state of balance
2. I give myself permission to rest
3. It's okay to not be productive
4. There is growth even in stillness
5. Things don't need to be changing for me to move forward
6. I listen to what I need in this moment

Feeling uninspired

7. I am open to receiving inspiration from the world
8. I feel inspired by the beauty of nature around me
9. "As I create and listen, I will be led." - Julia Cameron
10. There is a powerful force of creativity living inside me
11. I find inspiration in every corner, everywhere I look
12. Where I make space to play, magic happens

Feeling self-doubt

13. Only I can do the things I do, create the things I create. That is why I’m here.
14. My creativity heals myself and others
15. I strive for progress, not perfection
16. Other’s success is simply a representation of what I’m capable of achieving
17. My creativity is important, there is enough space for it in this world
18. My creativity is big and deserves to take up space in this world

Feeling restless & anxious

19. I celebrate where I am today and how far I’ve come
20. I am becoming the artist I have always envisioned myself to be
21. Learning is an ever-growing process
22. Creativity is a process of unfolding, we have to slow down to see it
23. I trust in the timing of my life
24. I am allowed to make mistakes, for they bring me closer to who I’m meant to be

Feeling defeated

25. Good things are waiting to happen for me
26. “When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it” - Paulo Coelho
27. I am grateful for the gift of creativity I have been given
28. So much abundance is pouring into my life, it’s overflowing
29. Have hope in the hard things
30. Turn your tests into testimonies
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